Thursday, December 3, 2009

Xi's Gold Guide (Or: How I Learned to Write Like Nostradamus)

So I was browsing the internet, using the power of Google Search to find even more like-minded bloggers. I had a lot of trouble finding blog entries, though, because apparently the words "Blog" and "Warcraft" send you to a very sad place: Unrelated blogs with "How to make in-game gold" guide advertisements.

Now, it's not enough that these stupid things have completely derailed my goals of reaching out and touching the WoW-blog community (Not that I'd ever take it personally >.<), but these things are 100% crap. Not a single bit of these guides is anything more than common knowledge. Trust me, I've seen them. I've never purchased one, but suffice to say, I have my ways of getting my hands on a copy.

Here's the basics:

1) Farm what sells really well
2) Buy low, sell high
3) Do your dailies

Yeah, not very helpful, I know. But that's what those guides say. I've seen some pad their pages with gathering route guides, but these things are as reliable as those free guides you can get on websites, which are directly linked to wowwiki. And the ones online are free.

I understand that people want/need to make money. But I think writing and selling a 'Make 1000g in a day!' guide is basically duping your readers. Don't be an idiot. Don't waste your money on these damn things.

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