Tuesday, June 30, 2009

DPS Tracks 3: The Way of the Fist

Took me a week to get over my depression. Just didn't feel like posting, really. There's a parse from Wednesday, and I figure I'll get around to dealing with it sooner or later. Some Death Knoob beat me on Hodir (same douche bag that took my Rune Edge), and everyone shit the bed about it.

So, being the vindictive student I am, I scrutinized the parse. Apparently, if you only break out one, maybe two flash freezes tops, you can squeeze out extra dps.

...by blowing your assignment.

He blew his assignment, and everyone sang his praises.

So yeah, gonna call him out on his lack of performance on other bosses, tonight. I don't give a damn who thinks I don't have the right.

That bitch is going down.

Edit: I used MusicJesus.com because all of the youtube videos, while uploaded by the license owners, had their embed functions turned off. This doesn't make MusicJesus a good choice. On the contrary, the embedded music vid is kinda retarded, because it starts when the page loads. I can only imagine how annoying that can be. I guess I'll reduce it to a link or find some stupid Bleach music video to post in it's stead.

Edit edit: I found a vid with some weird tearing at the edges of the screen. But it does it's job. After the advertisements, and the silly-ass auto-play, I've decided that I shouldn't use MusicJesus.com anymore. Ever.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tuesday Night Raids

2009-06-24: Lazy Raid Night

The night wasn't lazy. Except for some of our dps skipping out to see Transformers 2. Tools. I was just lazy because I didn't feel like putting it up last night. I get tired sometimes, apparently. I think I'm coming down with something...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Day in the Life...

...of Kirin Tor.

I changed my mind. There is something I've got on my mind. My server's most unsavory guild leader has returned, and with his public sex fiascoes also comes something I despise even more.

Yes, I know what you're thinking. How can anything be more offensive than public rape? It's an RP server. You learn to deal.

No, this fiend brings with him the reintroduction of roll dueling. Not role-dueling, implying that it is related to roleplaying and not inherently retarded. Rolls. Like dice.

They pay 15 dollars a month to play World of Warcraft. So they can roleplay. And duel with dice.

...what the fuck?

The essence of this system is that two characters, no matter what level, can fight (to the death, if pertinent) with text and /roll to determine the success of their "attacks."

I cry foul. There's already an entire combat system right in front of you. If you're too lazy to actually leave Goldshire and level, that's your business. If you step up to a warrior or paladin that's been to Ulduar, and you're just some peasant that gets laid in the Goldshire public toilet stall nightly, then you are going to get your ass handed to you.

I've heard all the arguments too. Disagree with them, and they'll insult your intelligence. They will allege that you lack the mental capacity to think out your attacks before hand.

Well, fuck them in their stupid, gaping, man-plundered assholes.

World of Warcraft is a game where fast reaction time meets planning. And by planning, I mean the time it takes to gear. You don't have any of those, then you suck at the game. Don't pretend to be a winner when you're not.

Comment if you have skills to pay the bills. XD

Lazy Post

2009-06-18: Freya-Hodir

Read the title. I'm too lazy to post anything even remotely interesting. I just forgot to put up the last parse. Sue me.

And leveling a mage is balls.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tuesday Night Raid: Failtron 5000


I'm getting sick of this guild. It seems as though it's members (and the universe) is punishing me for doing good deeds. Which is bullshit, imo.

Long story short, a guild member above me in the SKG list claimed that they would pass the next Rune Edge to me. And he didn't. Even though he owed me. Douche bag.

My entire experience with this guild has been this way, too. I hear one thing, and get another. And I have absolutely no say in the matter because, despite my qualifications and experience, I haven't even been considered for an officer position.

I've come to the point where I can't think of a reason to show up for Wednesday night wipe night. Or whatever they call it.

Auriaya - 5725

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

DPS Tracks 2: Step Up

As I prepare for the new week, I glance over my playlist, and I think, "I need something fresh." A lot of this stuff I've been listening to for years, when I need to get psyched for something. Things have been rotated in, and some out, but I've never really listened to it at such a frequency before. It's only about 2 hours long, so raiding only 12 hours a week sort of puts a lifetime stamp on it.

I need to listen to more Pandora.

I keep hoping that things will get better in our raid group. We've been stalling lately, with all the personnel issues (I sound like a broken record). It just really irritates me that we're actually regressing, struggling on bosses like Auriaya when we were halfway through the keepers.

I think a new sword would chill me out... but I'm not holding my breath.

Monday, June 15, 2009

10-Man Mimiron: Guild First!

No, it's not a video of our kill. Although, I could probably get one from my brother... I think he fraps -everything-. Nothing really cool dropped (besides healing crap). Gotta go throw ourselves at Vezax. Fight gripes later.

So yeah. I thought it'd be a good idea to post up a youtube video of the track that was playing during a guild first boss defeat. I figure that, between that and weekly dps tracks, I can give people my entire play list. At least, I know one fury warrior who likes the stuff (IRON FIRE RULEZ).

So yeah, Mimiron took a few attempts to sort it out, but we made it through it after not trying for almost three weeks. I will say one thing about that fight that I can do without:


I pull my camera out and up to see the mines during the first phase, to plot my egress route during the big "GTFOorDIE!" AoE attack. But while doing this on the 4th and most hectic phase, swiveling my camera around at that precise angle puts it -behind- the part of the ceiling that rose up from the ground in phase 2. Who the fuck thought that was a good idea?

So yeah, Vezax was neat. I honestly didn't mind the encounter that much, although it is a little annoying to throw money at the boss while the healers learn the encounter. Meh. Call CNN, that's a fucking news bulletin.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Naxxramas: Revisited

Due to personnel issues, our Friday Night extended (6-hour) progression raids have been turned into "Casual" clears of the last tier of content. Basically, we alternate between Naxx25 and OS/Malygos.

Our Naxxramas runs are a bit... lackluster. They started allowing individuals to bring their undergeared alts, in addition to the undergeared b-listers that usually run with the small handful of mains that attend Friday Nights (read: my stupid ass).

With our extremely diluted talent pool, we made three quarters in four hours, and had to call due to time constraints. That pisses me off.

This is extremely reminiscent of our forays into Gruul's lair, back when our progression nights were full of wiping on Leotheras. We took a large assortment of b-listers (read: people who weren't on the progression team) and alts, with only a scarce number of geared mains who were dedicated enough to show up. It's amazing how many people are interested in the ideals of the "team" when no loot is involved. /sarcasm

We'd try Maulgar almost all freakin' night. All freakin' night. Sometimes we'd call it early, because it just didn't happen. Others we'd manage to squeak out a victory, but only after losing my daily's earnings in repair bills and consumables. A tier 5 raiding guild wiping on tier 4 content... That's exactly what we're doing now. Tier 8 guild, working on the keepers, is wiping on Thaddius, because a few dozen people can't tell their right from their left.

And what pisses me off the most about the whole ordeal is that nothing noteworthy dropped for our new death knight tank, who the officers have expressed needs the gear. She's tanking every pull in Naxx to gear up for Ulduar, and when a morsel of tank gear does drop, she's gotta roll on it with every Tom, Dick and Scrub in the guild.

Add to that the fact that Wowmetersonline has been retarded lately, and I'm not a happy camper.

Oh, yeah, and Fuck Razuvious! >_<

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wrath of the Plate Wannabes

The lead-in to Wrath of the Lich King has lead to a very disappointing state of class balance in Azeroth. When I say class balance, I don't mean "QQ, I'm not OP." I mean, the balance of classes/roles across any given server. The introduction of Titan's Grip, the reinvention of the retribution paladin, and the introduction of death knights has lead to a plate dps spree.

And it...




Seriously, I've been doing this for a long time. I was rocking Aran when you were sucking on your hunter/mage/whatever-class-you-never-learned-to-play. So if you're a ret paladin who thinks they're awesome because they have an arena weapon, or those death knights that just won't go away, or those fucking arms warriors who switched when TG got nerfed...

Get off my fucking server.

I was putting up your numbers in heroics. BC heroics. A year ago.



Wednesday Night Blues


So I forgot to log the Iron Council fight. All you need to know about it is that we wiped a lot of times, and my dps was low because I was second on threat. When the tank dies, and you're the first person on the boss's shit list, that tends to happen...

Happened on the successful Auriaya fight, too. We need to find a way to keep the tank alive throughout the -entire- encounter. But I'm guessing that's not my particular duty, unless I reroll a paladin and try to heal.


Kologarn - 6679

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

DPS Tracks: Week 1

Call me geeky, but I have a special playlist I play during raids. It helps me focus, as well as keeps me going when I start getting tired at the end of a long wipefest.

So, somewhere in my twisted mind, I thought it'd be a good idea to share the joys of power metal, as I make things bleed for the 15 billionth time.

And don't call me geeky, I bite.

Calling It Early

Early Out

Sometimes, things happen during a raid that make the night unsalvagable. Permanent disconnects from tanks and healers can do the trick. But tonight we had to call it after XT because of a 30 minute phone call from our druid healer. And when we all left, he got back. >.<

So the log is small, and is full of Ignis wipes because someone couldn't pull their head out of their asses. But I don't know who.

I honestly don't know why I blog this crap. >.<

Ignis - 5094
XT-002 Deconstructor - 6629

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hodir and I HATE FREYA!

Hodir Attempts

This whole "Learning to fight Hodir" thing is really starting to piss me off.

I hate that the stars have to be in alignment to down a freakin' boss. And it's not Blizzard's fault. It's our raiding roster. And if I had the power, I'd slap them upside the head.

So I made a new dps "benchmark," although it's abysmal compared to what people have done on this encounter. And I suspect it has something to do with BITCHES RUNNING IN WIDE CIRCLES AROUND THE BOSS WHEN THEY HAVE THE FUCKING CLOUD!


Hodir - 5593

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

3.1.3: Night One

Deconstructor-Kologarn, Hold the Ignis

Overall, I think I'm pleased with the way they have changed warrior dps. The Bloodthirst rage reduction has helped cure some of the rage starvation issues I've been having since TG Nerf/Expertise Theft combo deal of 3.1, and that alone has allowed me to post numbers that I haven't posted since I was under 1% of reaching my crit cap.

Because I was an idiot, I forgot to start my combat log before Razorscale, so we're a boss short of what we actually did. Big deal, I hate that fight. (Read: Add phases suck)

Before I post my new dps milestones, big props to Lexi/Harleen, who successfully made the transition from raid healer to full-time Death Knight Sherman Tank.

XT-002 Deconstructor - 6054
Kologarn - 6204
Auriaya - 5209

P.S. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. After the 3 Betrayers of Humanity and 4 Rune Edges that have been scooped up by hunters since Lich King, I finally got a measure of revenge. The second Giant's Bane dropped, and I was at the top of the skg list. And I took it. And it was delicious.

Long have hunters been hording melee weapons as stat sticks, so if you think that I can't have a gun because a hunter would benefit from it more, than I've got two words for you:

Edit: Youtube may be retarded.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rolling Restarts >.<

...in the middle of a raid.

Getting our raid through the entire Flame Leviathan trash + encounter in under 15 minutes? Cake.

Getting loot distributed in under 4 minutes? >.<

Not so much.