Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Post #69: Disappointment with a Side of Fries

2009-09-30: MOAR ToC

I can't seem to catch a break. Y'know there was a death knight on our server that had the Justicebringer on the very first week that the Faction Champions were available? The "prolific" ret paladin from the server's top guild has a heroic version of the reckoning, and I'm still swinging a silly ass Betrayer of Humanity and a 10 man weapon. I have been passing -all- loot in hopes of upgrading the one thing that has been stagnating since Naxx, and quite frankly, I'm getting a little disgusted at being left hanging by the ridiculous RNG.

To be more clear: Since Naxxramas, no strength based two handers have dropped in 25 man content.

Beasts of Northrend - 4883

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

DPS Tracks 10: 99 Ways To Die

When I was young (read: in high school), I stopped into a used record/cd store and picked up a random album, thinking I needed to branch out my musical tastes. I just happened to pick up an album with some skeleton on the front. Seemed relatively harmless... What I found was a fast-paced metal experience that changed my life.

This particular track was featured on The Beavis and Butthead Experience, and was later available on a sort of greatist hits compilation album.

And yes, I realize that thar be controversial images in this video. Deal or don't press play.

99 Ways To Die
By Megadeth

If I see the morning hours
Ill have one more yesterday
Take life from tomorrow
Cause Ive burned out my today

If I get up to the top I know
Ill just go back downhill
Gotta terminal future
And its time to write my will

Down another glass of courage
And a shot of thorazine

Were not ready to see you yet
99 ways to die
Were not ready to see you yet

Gotta short between the earphones
Wringing my hands in dismay
A more efficient maniac
With two feet in the grave

Aint got no last words to say
Yellow streak right up my spine
The gun in my mouth was real
And the taste blew my mind

In a black tie and straight jacket
Man Im gonna try again

Chorus repeat

Demitasse of arsenic
Try on this tie
Never mind the tree

There is only death and danger
In the sockets of my eyes
A playground of illusion
No one plays they only die

Theres a prison in my mind
And the bars are gonna break
Im as mad as a hatter
And strung out just the same

Taunting rigor mortis
I feel it draw me in

Monday, September 28, 2009

Xi hates Yogg-Saron

I was half asleep last night, so my anger may seem a little... muted...

But would it be bad form if I made the following macro for the pedestrians that wandered into the spawning clouds instead of into traffic?

"Congratulations, you're our 1,000,000th customer!"

Seriously. It's not that fucking hard. And it's the same two or three people -every- time. Sometimes multiple times. Our group, for whatever reason, can barely handle -one- extra spawn, let alone a legion that is spawned when a hunter takes a step forward, into the cloud that is right in fucking front of him to take his shot.

I move around the entire freakin' room if I have to in an attempt to avoid a cloud. There is never an instance where it is okay to move through a cloud to get to where you need to go. The fact that I have to say that is embarrassing, to say the least. We're making it into phase 2 fairly consistently, but without enough people alive to take on the tentacles and that stupid portal room, we're not really making any progress.

I hate Sunday raids.

Friday, September 25, 2009


No, the WoW servers aren't down. I've actually been spending a lot of time playing Champions Online. I've been trying new builds, different character concepts, and checking out the player community.

But I have to say that the player community is probably the worst part. Maybe I'm not used to it because I hardly ever go to the WoW forums. But each and every post I see is negativity about the game's changes since launch. Everyone is either a doomsayer or a troll. They're leaving because the game is doomed, or just bitching because the game is doomed, and regardless of my own opinion, it's hard to even browse through all of that crap.

A lot of these people don't have valid arguments, either. Mini-mines and the ability to hold something with ice by just blocking 100% of the time was just plain cheap, and the -only- reason so many people used it was because word got around, and it was just the easy way to play.

Naturally, when something too powerful gets nerfed, there are people who can't adapt. And then the QQ starts. And my bottle of aspirin gets popped open.

This kind of reminds me of the biggest nerf I ever experienced to a class/AT I actually played. Back in City of Heroes, I played a Fire Tanker, long before the power sets were transferred to scrappers (melee dps). And we had something that seriously destroyed wave after wave of mobs: burn.

Burn was an interesting ability. All it did was drop a patch of fire at your feet. Because you were a tank, you taunted your enemies into melee range, drop the burn patch, and throw one more taunt while the single patch ate away at their health. All of it. Admittedly, it was overpowered, but it was the general assumption that this high AoE dps tool had been given to us because of our rather low survivability (for a tank, that is). And that is not something that even the devs argued with the community: Fire tanks were fundamentally inferior for tanking purposes. I myself found a lot of situations where the objection was to kill the large group that I pulled before the incoming damage took me down.

They kept adjusting it, and the community continued to shrug off the changes. They adjusted it's cooldown, damage, number of ticks, threw a hit roll in, anything they could think of to keep it in line with other AoE powers. And then they broke it. Devs don't break very many things, mind you. In my opinion, the average player will claim a broken mechanic when they don't get their way. This is far from the case. They added a 'fear' component to the burn patch, so that enemies would run away from you when you dropped it, and in some cases, targeted other characters.

There are two problems with this fear component. All enemies have a ranged attack in City of Heroes. So, when you drop a Burn patch, they all get out of the way (which takes them out of range of all the rest of your attacks, which are melee range only), and start firing at range. The goal of a tank in City of Heroes is simple: grab agro of a large group of villains, and hold them together while the group takes care of them. Yes, there's knockback, and there's a target limit on taunt, and all kinds of things to make it interesting. But all of the Fire AT's -big- AoE threat generators are melee range. If you scatter them, it makes it infinitely harder to do your job, especially since villains, once ranged, have a tendency to stay at range.

The second problem is the sometimes wonky threat mechanic. Sometimes, mobs at range will randomly begin attacking non-tank team members. And when it's the squishies, this becomes a dangerous scenario. All because they wandered away from your burn patch.

Here's my problem: Because the ability Burn was too powerful, they changed it into something that a tank would never use. It doesn't fit into the tank mentality. You need to stand there and eat melee damage to the face, and keep your team safe. Using this ability, with no attack power upgrades, will scatter the enemy and turn a controlled situation into chaos. Cryptic Studios very effectively removed the power from the power set entirely, because there was little to no way to make use of it's damage or it's threat implications.

And so I say, they broke a rather important power in the fire tanker set. What's all this mean? I don't know. Maybe I'm trying to say that I know what it's like to see a power or power set broken. And that's not what's happening now, in Champions. People need to chill the hell out. I got on without Burn, and I made something of my Fire Tanker, that wowed every single person I teamed with.

I think the servers are finally up. Time to beat up some bad guys.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oh, yeah...

So, yeah, in case you've been in a cave for the last five years, this is possibly the most hilarious Onyxia related video ever created. And for those who have seen it... it -never- gets old.

Ony's Back?

2009-09-23: Ony's back?

No, I'm not really surprised she's back. I read the blogs and wowinsider and every insipid website that has to give us "up-to-the-minute' coverage on things going on with the PTR.

And I still suck at starting the freakin' combat log on time. The Beasts parse is, for that reason, a smidge short because the first minute or so was cut off. For that reason, I'm discarding fight entirely. Y'know... for my records anyway.

Anub'arak - 5957

Monday, September 21, 2009


2009-09-21: SSDD

Nothing new to report. More wipin' on a boss that doesn't actually drop loot we need. Cool.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dread and the Last Boss

There aren't very many bosses that scare me. I've been taunting them since Vancleef. But there are two bosses that stick out in my mind as bosses I -never- want to run into again.

One was Archimonde...

The next will be Yogg-Saron, of this I have no doubt. Our guild has never been that great at the seriously complicated encounters. I thought Mimiron was going to smear us against the wall, but we took him down with surprising ease. What's really got me scared here is everyone and there mother has run into a freakin' cloud. That's right. We can't get past phase 1.

Even I hit a cloud. And our main tank hit a cloud. And everybody we thought would be too skilled/coordinated/attentive to run into a cloud did. And that's seriously got me worried. That's why this scares me, and reminds me of Archimonde. It's the same "one mistake costs the raid" mechanic that made me hate that stupid, red skinned douche bag.

I'll still raid, and throw myself at him until they call it a night. But I'm just saying... if there were ever a time that I thought about not showing up... tonight would be it.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

More Like Snog-Your-Mom

2009-09-17: Anub-Yogg

Yeah, I don't know what I was going for there. First 25 man attempt at Yogg EVER. And I think I might hate him nearly as much as my ex. Maybe... depends on whether or not he likes dog...

Anub'arak - 5488

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

DPS Tracks 9: Get Inside

Corey Taylor's other band. Yes, you can laugh at that.

I personally enjoy the sound of Slipknot much more than the traditional five-man setup that Stone Sour uses. But they still crank out a few hits. Here's one of my favorites.

Seed, gotta let it grow, why ya gotta watch when I let it feed?
Better look into the mirror for the face you hide away, everyday
But I don't give a fuck; I let it roll - I smoke the old
Gotta run, gotta rend, gotta maim, gotta make it through another maze
Please: wring the blood from my hands
Don't pretend that you understand me
I don't even want you looking at me
Motherfucker, GET INSIDE!

Get inside, get inside (motherfucker) x4

Christ, have you seen this guy? Make ya sick, gonna peel away all the impurities
Cuz all you wanna do is keep curin' me, but I don't give a fuck I kill everyone
You'll be mopping up blood and guts and all the shit when I'm done
Isn't this fun? Gimme a gun and I'll tell you all the secrets I hide

Please: wring the blood from my hands
Don't pretend that you understand me
I don't even want you looking at me
Motherfucker, GET INSIDE!

Get inside, get inside (motherfucker) x4

[Solo: Josh]

Maybe if you look away, I can slip away, gotta get away (RUN, MOTHERFUCKER)
Right now I stare at shit, I'm a heretic, but I'll never give you none of it
Tied up in the back of the lab, laid on the slab, got the gift of gab, what'choo want from me?
I don't even know I got a damn disease, but I KNOW YOU WANNA KILL ME!

Please: wring the blood from my hands
Don't pretend that you understand me
I don't even want you looking at me
Motherfucker, GET INSIDE!

Get inside, get inside (motherfucker) x4

Another Tuesday: No New Weapon

2009-09-16: 2-handers are a lie

I got nothing. Exhausted and dog sitting a stray. Posting the milestones and gonna find some grub.

Beasts of Northrend - 4226
Lord Jaraxxus - 6636
Faction Champions - 4256
Twin Val'kyr - 7271

Monday, September 14, 2009

Weird: Guild first Mimiron + Vezax

2009-09-14: Mimiron + Vezax

It's funny how it takes us longer to clear Ulduar than it has taken us to clear normal ToC. We haven't attempted the hard modes in the Trial yet (the beasts look lovely), but Anub Arak was cake. I guess we're working on Yogg next week. Oh, it sounds like great great fun.

Least I got to dps Thorim for once:

Thorim - 4634
Mimiron - 3964
General Vezax - 4980

Friday, September 11, 2009

Hot Dog Buns


Warning: The following is a rant. Run for your lives.

How hard is it to make a mother fucking hot dog bun without it falling apart as I pull it out of the package!?!?

I mean, I don't know jack about making bread. But how hard can it fucking be. I get ridiculously cheap hot dogs from places like wienerschnizel (yum) and corner stands all the time and their buns are fucking perfect. But I buy some from the store, and the package of 'fresh' hot dog buns can't stand to even be pulled out of the package, let alone hold a frank.

Learn to make hot dog buns, bread vendors! Learn or I will find you and make you suffer!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Can I Have Your Stuff?

I'm sure you've all seen them. Posts on the forums about how so-and-so is "fed up" of "this stupid game" and how "they're quitting because can't get it right." This type of stuff is seemingly prerequisite in the endless QQ that is the MMO forum community.

Every once in a very great while, I'll find someone who posts in a very refined manner, with intelligent points of view on different mechanics or circumstances in-game that they weren't pleased with which ultimately led to their departure.

Even these are responded with: "Can I Have Your Stuff?"

And then the "power" gamer chimes in: "I'm just fine, l2play."

And then the troll comes by with some remark that is completely unrelated.

And by page two, you can't even remember what the thread was about.

I don't have a problem with people quitting a game. I encourage it, actually. It is the -only- way to let the guys upstairs know that you're truly discontent. Online games are a democracy where votes are cast with your game time cards. And while I personally like reading through the more intelligible "Here's why I'm leaving, I hope this is helpful" posts, I kind of feel that they are out of place outside of a direct line of communication with the game's development.

The reason for this is the trolls. Everybody and their mother has been infected with this disease that started over at 4-chan. All of a sudden, griefing/trolling/being a douche bag is popular. So they think they're actually being cool when they come by and completely derail any conversation that could've blossomed into something good.

I think I"m rambling... I'll get to it... maybe...

Basically, I read a post about a lifetime subscriber who canceled (!) his subscription to Champions Online due to several gameplay bugs as well as the drastic change that occurred on launch day. And while the post left me feeling all right, the following horde of zombie-trolls pissed me right off.

So trolls: Go home. Oh, wait, you -are- home. You probably never left home. Because no one out here loves you. Try as hard as you like to get the attention you crave, but you will -never- find true happiness.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Guild First: 25-man Faction Champions and Twin Valkyrs

Yay. A bunch of carebears from a roleplaying server beat down a pseudo-pvp encounter. After trying for a looooooooong time.

Heads against a brick while for like... 20 wipes only killing one person. Until we got our cc coordinated and pushed past the first 3, after that it was cake.

And the Twin Valkyrs were a little disappointing in comparison. Seriously, after being stunted on the champions for 4 nights, you would think the Valkyrs would pose some sort of challenge. Not really. We wiped twice learning the fight. 3rd time was easy mode.

I dunno if this is what Blizzard had in mind. But I'm not complaining. Actually... I think I will until they drop a goddamn 2 handed weapon.

In other news, Champions Online is totally borked. WTB working servers. Yay.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Daily Maintenance -_-

Yay, extended extended maintenance!

Seriously, I wouldn't have such a problem with this if they actually fixed something. Which, it is important to note, they didn't last week.

This isn't hard, guys. You take the systems down. You do what you gotta do. And then you bring them back up. Didn't start that 4 hour procedure till 5 minutes till deadline? Do it next week.

I swear that if I get another "Additional instances cannot be launched" message, I'm gonna go postal on some Blizzard employees.

I don't know if I have anything witty to say... I'm just bored.

I pre-ordered Champions Online, which is supposed to release today. In fact, I think that if I had taken my lazy ass to the store and purchased a physical copy, I would already be in game. But, because I used some company's digital download service to pre-order, the whole thing is screwed up. Apparently, my order is still pending.

Well, I'm pissed off. Maintenance isn't over for another three hours, and I'm stuck with my thumb up my ass.

Oh, and Dayn's still MIA. Someone remind me to hurt him when I see him...