Thursday, August 6, 2009

Guild First: Northrend Beasts!

Or something.

I'd say something about this boss -not- having any adds... but it's 4 mobs for one "boss," so you do the math.

After a frustrating Tuesday (A seriously bugged XT and Coliseum attempts where we didn't know what the -fuck- we were doing), we came back with a little research and kicked the beasts' asses on 25 man normal. I even managed to snag a trophy of the crusade (might as well, a two handed weapon won't drop until I lost my sk roll).

And now I'm awake bright and early and can't play because of maintenance.

...on a Thursday.

I don't really think I ask for much. Two handed weapons. Performance-based loot system. Guildies that know the difference between damage-per-second and "double penetration." Don't google that. Anyway, I don't think it's too much to ask for our servers to be up and running, y'know, outside of the weekly maintenance window.

Yes, it's a new patch and there were a few kinks. That just means it should've been tested longer. A lot longer. Do I expect perfection? Hardly.

I -don't- expect to die in every Trial of the Champion (even on regular) because the damn thing bugs out. I don't expect to lose my ass to XT when we've had his ass on farm since the 3rd week of Ulduar. And I don't expect to be sitting on my ass on a -Thursday- with nothing to do but load up a free-to-play mmo to keep me from chewing my hand off.

Something else that bugs me: Full instances. Really, Blizzard? I thought that was part of the whole "20-hour maintenance" thing. I'm logging in Tuesday to make sure my meta gem works in the few minutes before raid time, scrambling really, and I -still- can't do a heroic when I damn well please.

Ugh. People piss me off sometimes. On that note, anybody know how to dps a ret pally after the changes? Cuz I sure don't...

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