Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Heroic Daily: The Oculus

So let's get it out of the way. I -hate- Oculus. I'm talking about hate. The kind of hate that most people reserve for their former employers (Fuck you, Steve), their exes, or that guy you caught masturbating in your closet.

...you know who you are.

What I hate about Oculus is that the entire dungeon makes you use a stupid game mechanic that completely trivializes your gear and experience up to that point. If you will...

Development meeting #152
(...2 minutes before lunch)
Ron: We need to do something special for Oculus.
Alan: How about a boss with adds?
Tim: You're an asshole, Alan. How about...
Ron: I know!
Tim: I was talking...
Ron: How about we put these annoying dragons that you have to fly around and clear trash with! We'll even make you fight the boss in them, and their abilities will be full of suck and fail!
Tim: ...that's a terrible idea.
Boss: I like it. Let's do that. Off to lunch!
Tim: ...you guys are assholes.

Yes, I know that they made the drake's hp scale with gear. But I didn't notice it. The entire ordeal was just as frustrating as the last three times I did it. Which also happen to be... the only times I did it.

Pushing my obvious hate for the instance aside, I went back because, thanks to my guild's week long break from raiding, emblems of Triumph haven't exactly been falling from the fucking sky. So I go back, find a healer (pulling teeth), find a tank (God hates me), and two other slobs to drudge our way through another fun afternoon in my least favorite place.

Let's skip to the end. Because while there was a wipe on the 3rd boss (healer went one way, tank went the other -_-;), up until then I wasn't going to say -anything- about today's daily. Nothing at all. And then we wiped twice on Eregos. And that, apparently, is a deadly sin. Because our third dps decided that he didn't want to pay a large repair bill for two silly emblems.

Now, I'm not going to get up on a high horse. There have been circumstances where I have left a group hanging in an instance. Wipe 10 times on the first boss? Yeah, I'm thinking this isn't going to happen. Priest thinks they can heal in shadow form? Better start heading for the door. And then there was that one time where my brother's car broke down...

My point is this. This is Oculus. Not only do most people consider this to be the hardest of the Lich King heroics, but no one that I've talked to has even done it in the last 5 months. Expecting perfection from people you -just- met just makes you an asshole.

If you're just another dps in ToC gear, don't cry to me about wiping on heroic content. If you don't have the cash to cough up a 2 wipe repair bill, then frankly, you don't belong in heroics. That's what normal mode is for, you big pussy.

Ranting aside, it took five minutes to summon my guildie Volsh to man a green drake and kill him with no problems. Guess that says something about the type of person who can't finish a dungeon run.

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