Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Can I Have Your Stuff?

I'm sure you've all seen them. Posts on the forums about how so-and-so is "fed up" of "this stupid game" and how "they're quitting because can't get it right." This type of stuff is seemingly prerequisite in the endless QQ that is the MMO forum community.

Every once in a very great while, I'll find someone who posts in a very refined manner, with intelligent points of view on different mechanics or circumstances in-game that they weren't pleased with which ultimately led to their departure.

Even these are responded with: "Can I Have Your Stuff?"

And then the "power" gamer chimes in: "I'm just fine, l2play."

And then the troll comes by with some remark that is completely unrelated.

And by page two, you can't even remember what the thread was about.

I don't have a problem with people quitting a game. I encourage it, actually. It is the -only- way to let the guys upstairs know that you're truly discontent. Online games are a democracy where votes are cast with your game time cards. And while I personally like reading through the more intelligible "Here's why I'm leaving, I hope this is helpful" posts, I kind of feel that they are out of place outside of a direct line of communication with the game's development.

The reason for this is the trolls. Everybody and their mother has been infected with this disease that started over at 4-chan. All of a sudden, griefing/trolling/being a douche bag is popular. So they think they're actually being cool when they come by and completely derail any conversation that could've blossomed into something good.

I think I"m rambling... I'll get to it... maybe...

Basically, I read a post about a lifetime subscriber who canceled (!) his subscription to Champions Online due to several gameplay bugs as well as the drastic change that occurred on launch day. And while the post left me feeling all right, the following horde of zombie-trolls pissed me right off.

So trolls: Go home. Oh, wait, you -are- home. You probably never left home. Because no one out here loves you. Try as hard as you like to get the attention you crave, but you will -never- find true happiness.


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