Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Daily Maintenance -_-

Yay, extended extended maintenance!

Seriously, I wouldn't have such a problem with this if they actually fixed something. Which, it is important to note, they didn't last week.

This isn't hard, guys. You take the systems down. You do what you gotta do. And then you bring them back up. Didn't start that 4 hour procedure till 5 minutes till deadline? Do it next week.

I swear that if I get another "Additional instances cannot be launched" message, I'm gonna go postal on some Blizzard employees.

I don't know if I have anything witty to say... I'm just bored.

I pre-ordered Champions Online, which is supposed to release today. In fact, I think that if I had taken my lazy ass to the store and purchased a physical copy, I would already be in game. But, because I used some company's digital download service to pre-order, the whole thing is screwed up. Apparently, my order is still pending.

Well, I'm pissed off. Maintenance isn't over for another three hours, and I'm stuck with my thumb up my ass.

Oh, and Dayn's still MIA. Someone remind me to hurt him when I see him...


  1. So does the new pvp season come out today? I've been leveling in AV and I'm honor capped now. So I wonder if I could buy Deadly Gear over Hateful stuff. If you don't know thats kewl beans :)

    Also I'm MS on my warrior and I want to go fury I asked a few other warriors if I'm geared to be fury but they say I should be in full ulduar to be good dps. Can you check me out and see if I'm geared to be a fury warrior please :)

    My warrior is (Eyeswideopen)
    Server - Deathwing

  2. For lack of a better way to respond: Yes, the new arena season starts today. And I've heard of some people saying to wait until they're geared to go fury. I've been a fury warrior all through lich king, and I've never had a problem keeping my numbers up.

    I suppose the real question is: Do you like to pvp? Because arms is a superior talent tree in that respect to fury. If you have another talent spec available for pvp, then fury might be something to try in dungeons.

    The other thing to think about is do you have the weapons to switch to fury? If you switch out that polearm for less-than-par two handers, it might not be worth it just yet. Your gear seems fine, although you'll have to gem to reach the expertise cap, and maybe lose a little hit rating. I forget what the numbers are... but I'll dig them up later.

  3. Yeah I remember going fury for some normal dungeons in Wrath but I do love arms for pvp. I have prot as my 2nd duel spec talents. But i've tanked once ever and that was in BC dungeons. So I want to go fury as my raiding spec and arms as my pvp spec.

    I picked up the axe from HHOL and I would like to get the axe from HTOC so I can duel wield those two axes for fury. What do you think?

    I've seen a warrior with really similar gear as me but he was fury and was out dpsing me by at least 1k. I put out 2.8k-3.5k but that fury warrior was consistant at staying above 3k.

    Do you have a link to your toon on your blog? I want to see how you spec and gemmed. If not thats cool.

    Thank you!

  4. Yeah, I've got a link in the side bar:


    Beware, though, I tank a -lot- so I might be walking around in my tank gear. The axes from those heroics aren't bad, but if you could get your hands on two HToC axes, it would be best since that axe has the advantage over the Loken drop.

    A lot of melee dps depends heavily on a combination of skill, reaction time, latency (resource and connection-wise), and then of course gear. I'm looking for a guide or a better way of explaining the global cooldown to people, and I'm sure I'll post when I have it. Till then, try downloading quartz which -should- have a GCD bar to aid you in managing your ability cooldowns. That's where warriors lost the most dps.

  5. Alright good advice thank you! I'm guessing I can find that mod on curse.com

    But great news! I didn't know you can duel wield HToc axes! I'm excited I'll run until I get both. I'll let you know how I end up doing when I get those axes (Which is BS drop rate for me). But that mod I will really need because I only have about 1 hour of fury experience. So I'll have to get the rotation down.

    Thanks XI