Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dread and the Last Boss

There aren't very many bosses that scare me. I've been taunting them since Vancleef. But there are two bosses that stick out in my mind as bosses I -never- want to run into again.

One was Archimonde...

The next will be Yogg-Saron, of this I have no doubt. Our guild has never been that great at the seriously complicated encounters. I thought Mimiron was going to smear us against the wall, but we took him down with surprising ease. What's really got me scared here is everyone and there mother has run into a freakin' cloud. That's right. We can't get past phase 1.

Even I hit a cloud. And our main tank hit a cloud. And everybody we thought would be too skilled/coordinated/attentive to run into a cloud did. And that's seriously got me worried. That's why this scares me, and reminds me of Archimonde. It's the same "one mistake costs the raid" mechanic that made me hate that stupid, red skinned douche bag.

I'll still raid, and throw myself at him until they call it a night. But I'm just saying... if there were ever a time that I thought about not showing up... tonight would be it.

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