Friday, August 13, 2010

2leep: You're next!

I've found a new target for my ire. Ever see a link on the side of a random stumble page and think, "That might be interesting!" For one, trust me, it's not. For two, the fucking link won't send you to the desired page... it'll send you to a page of links (in a shiny new tab or window), with one of them being your desired destination.

2leep is the offender's name, and it's punishment should be death. It claims that it's goal is to "connect bloggers," but I haven't been connected to anyone's blog yet... unless you consider those massive picture dumps a blog. And I fucking don't.

It takes absolutely no talent, journalistic integrity, or even thought patterns to put that shit on the internet. I'm not claiming that my blog is an ode to intellectualism... but at least I take the time to think and type out my thoughts in a constructive manner. I'd need a lobotomy to regress to simply posting stupid pictures and captioning them with 'lulz.'

So seriously, 2leep, get the FUCK out. You're part of the problem.


  1. I agree, 2leep is a pain in the ass. Do hate.

  2. i have been systematically blocking from stumble upon all sites with any connection to 2leep. there is something going on there and i want no part of it.

  3. It just a way of driving up search engine ratings with lots of hits from the click-throughs. So they are piggy-backing their success on top of the sites they are linking. There is another out there that is nearly as bad ... Wahoha. Pretty much the identical MO.

    I've given up on thumbs-down for Stumbleupon, and am looking for a more drastic solution, like blocking them altogether with ad-block or even a hosts entry.