Wednesday, August 11, 2010

High School of the Dead

Wait a second... Xi's not an anime critic.

STFU, Earl! I am too an anime critic.

Well... I am in the sense that I can criticize -anything- with a straight face.

So out of the blue, Lexi (the draenei, not the dog) sends me a link to watch this anime called "House of the Dead" on some streaming website. It's a show based on a manga that is pretty much one of those zombie apocalypse stories.

Given it's rather simple setup, I think it's done really well. The writing is above par for a zombie flick, and the zombie killin' is as juicy and gory as it should be. The only thing that kinda rubs me the wrong way is the amount of gratuity shown in the anime. (LOL SPOILERS) The level of fan service reaches a shameless crescendo in episode 6 where the girls are all bathing together, and we get to see a lot of awkward, albeit completely nipple-less, breasts.

Gratuity in moderation, people. I mean, I don't mind nudity one bit. But I figure it should at least do something, plot-wise. I don't expect boobies to advance the plot or anything... but at least they provide sexual tension and/or development of a romantic interest. Nudity for the sake of nudity has always kinda ticked me off, in both American and Japanese films/t.v.

But if you can stomach that, I think the series, which apparently is still being shown on Japanese network/cable television, is worth a recommendation. And the theme song is kinda cool, too.

For those who missed it, you can watch a fansubbed H.O.T.D. at animefreak.

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