Sunday, May 31, 2009

Paladin Schmaladin

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I found this article rather interesting, given my obvious hesitation to produce personal information online or in-game. Many individuals, mostly outsiders, others long-time fans and followers, are conducting a witch hunt for the man/woman for nothing more than seeking to protect his/her identity on the internet.

Allow me a few moments to lend a little personal experience to this tragic tale:

I am a genderless, cybernetic chihuahua, researched and developed in New Mexico and then sold to the Mexican Government in 1985. I was heavily involved in the "Tijuana Chihuahua" Liberation Movement of the late 80s, and spent most of the next decade performing black ops for the Cuban Government. Most recently, I was "transferred" to Florida to observe...

Are you still reading this?

Seriously though, I've dated twice on the internet. They both ended horribly. How horribly?

I met my most recent ex in the tragically produced Ragnarok Online (No link because I wouldn't give that piece of shit publicity if they paid me in sexual favors). We met online, we called, we met, we had sex, we moved in together.

They cheated on me, used me, took my dog AND FUCKING ATE IT!

(Insert Asian joke)

Seriously. Fucking seriously.

So now I give people some bogus story so I don't have to deal with their need to meet face to face. Problem solved. Girls think I'm a girl. Guys think I'm Chris Hansen. Nobody wants to date Xi, cuz Xi doesn't wanna date you. All is well with the world.

...except some people are still breathing.

Seriously though, do you think this person went too far by posting a fake picture of themselves? Do you think individuals have the right to protect their personal identity as their internet "fame" rises? Should I have tacos for lunch?

Note: If you're Asian, and are offended by my comments about them eating dogs, GET FUCKED. If you have a problem with every Asian being stereotyped by people like me, then it's time to found a non-profit organization to combat the true villainy: People actually eating pets. I'd recommend Asian Animal Owner's Against Pet Sandwiches. Hit me up when you do, and I'll make your first donation.

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