Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tuesday Night Farm


This might be offensive to some of you. And it only has a little to do with tonight's raid. But I hate hunters.



They should die in a fire.

They have cried when I even expressed interest in a ranged weapon, even if it's best in slot for me. But, for some reason, they're allowed to roll on and loot melee dps weapons that would by far benefit melee more than it could ever benefit a hunter as a stat stick.

Hunters can die in a fire.



  1. Preach on sister! I want to stab every Hunter I see running around with a two handed weapon better than my own.

    This is probably because I am a very jealous person...but that's beside the point.

  2. I realize I'm horribly late in poating on this blog, as I'm reading through while bored at work... But all I can say on this matter is; There's a reason that there are staves with agility on them.