Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wednesday Night Raid

Things have been rocky lately. Guild keeps losing personnel, people don't show up on time/at all. Working the difficult fights, even the farm fights, aren't easy if you're still training people. One or two, maybe you'll be okay. 5 or more, and things start riding the edge of what you're capable of.

So we didn't clear Hodir tonight, which is the only boss we attempted. While I'm sure it could be used for educational purposes, the guild doesn't exactly know about the WMO site, so I don't feel like uploading the failed fights.

The question was posed to me by my partner in crime: Is it a good idea to bitch about guild mates on a public site where they can read?

Well, they don't exactly know about the blog. And even if they did, why would I care? They should be asking for my opinions anyway. Not only do I know what I'm doing, and am well informed on many of WoW's mechanics, but I'm the hardest working player on their roster. Since I arrived when they were SSC, my barely geared ass put their heavy hitters into the ground.

When I haven't been topping the dps charts, I've been well within the top 5, destroying mages and rogues and hunters, players of characters that are supposed to beat out hybrids of equal gear and skill.

I'm a fucking wrecking crew. I'm the reason bosses die. They should be lining up, begging for my insight.

So yeah, if they stumble on this site, good for them. Maybe they'll learn something.

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