Monday, July 20, 2009

Mechanical Failure and Upgrade Woes

So these last few days have kinda sucked. I've had a Microsoft Optical "Intellimouse" plugged into a ps/2 port since I pieced this computer together... the -first- time. So it's at least as old as 2, possibly three motherboards ago. So finally, after like... 8 years, the little mouse that could simply can't anymore. It kinda sucks, but it's a fact of life. I know what everyone is thinking. Xi doesn't use a gaming mouse? No, I have never touched a gaming mouse, and I can play WoW just fine. >.<

Which brings me to a few days ago, when my optical mouse (which had been fizzling out for about 2 weeks now) was finally replaced by an MX Revolution.

The reviews I've read (although I wasn't able to find this information on their product page, go figure) stated that this thing ran at 800 dpi. Not only do I not know what that means, but my old mouse didn't even have a dpi parameter. The damn thing slides across the screen when the air condition kicks in. It's that damn sensitive. So I have to freakin' fiddle with the sensitivity for 5 days so that I can play WoW.


There's a morale to this story, kids. Don't wait too long between upgrading your stuff. The learning curve for a mouse this far advanced from my old one nearly killed me.

Oh, and fuck XT Deconstructor. Fucking Aesir's Edge. >.<

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  1. Aesir's Edge does not exist unfortunately. :(