Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tuesday Night Badge Farming

2009-07-22: Badge Farming

Remember in Karazhan when you only tagged along with your guildies because it was a good place to get tons of badges? That feels like what I'm doing in Ulduar, because even though only two plate dps are showing up consistently these days, not a single piece is dropping. And ever since I've been saving the number one sk roll, the Rune Edge has mysteriously disappeared from Iron Council's drop list.


I guess I'm getting a little burnt out. Thorim seems to be our guild's wall for one reason or another, and the bosses that we do see aren't dropping the loot we want. (Still haven't seen a freakin' Worldcarver). And if Ignis puts me in the goddamn pot one more time!

An interesting note: If you're in the pot when Ignis dies, the animation will show you being thrown from the pot, and supposedly safe, but you'll continue to take damage for the full duration. Har har free repair bill.

Iron Council - 4471

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