Thursday, November 5, 2009

Heroic Beasts, Round 1

2009-11-05: Heroic Beasts: Ouch

I really didn't think they would hurt half as much as they did. But oh, our little healer core was -not- ready for they had in store for us. Running in light (only five healers showed up and hey, if it was just normal ToC, they were complaining about being bored) on heals, our tanks died horrible, horrible deaths in the first few seconds of our first pull. Further attempts revealed that a) Gormok is not a pussy, and b) Need moar healers.

Other than that, Gincan's been impressing the guild with two brand new 232 weapons (we take what we can get in this raid group), and even got to post a DPS milestone of his own.

Now if I can just push the rest of the melee...

Beasts of Northrend - 5138(Xi)
Lord Jaraxxus - 6645(Xi)
Faction Champions - 4665(Gincan)
Onyxia - 5022(Xi)

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