Saturday, June 13, 2009

Naxxramas: Revisited

Due to personnel issues, our Friday Night extended (6-hour) progression raids have been turned into "Casual" clears of the last tier of content. Basically, we alternate between Naxx25 and OS/Malygos.

Our Naxxramas runs are a bit... lackluster. They started allowing individuals to bring their undergeared alts, in addition to the undergeared b-listers that usually run with the small handful of mains that attend Friday Nights (read: my stupid ass).

With our extremely diluted talent pool, we made three quarters in four hours, and had to call due to time constraints. That pisses me off.

This is extremely reminiscent of our forays into Gruul's lair, back when our progression nights were full of wiping on Leotheras. We took a large assortment of b-listers (read: people who weren't on the progression team) and alts, with only a scarce number of geared mains who were dedicated enough to show up. It's amazing how many people are interested in the ideals of the "team" when no loot is involved. /sarcasm

We'd try Maulgar almost all freakin' night. All freakin' night. Sometimes we'd call it early, because it just didn't happen. Others we'd manage to squeak out a victory, but only after losing my daily's earnings in repair bills and consumables. A tier 5 raiding guild wiping on tier 4 content... That's exactly what we're doing now. Tier 8 guild, working on the keepers, is wiping on Thaddius, because a few dozen people can't tell their right from their left.

And what pisses me off the most about the whole ordeal is that nothing noteworthy dropped for our new death knight tank, who the officers have expressed needs the gear. She's tanking every pull in Naxx to gear up for Ulduar, and when a morsel of tank gear does drop, she's gotta roll on it with every Tom, Dick and Scrub in the guild.

Add to that the fact that Wowmetersonline has been retarded lately, and I'm not a happy camper.

Oh, yeah, and Fuck Razuvious! >_<

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