Wednesday, June 3, 2009

3.1.3: Night One

Deconstructor-Kologarn, Hold the Ignis

Overall, I think I'm pleased with the way they have changed warrior dps. The Bloodthirst rage reduction has helped cure some of the rage starvation issues I've been having since TG Nerf/Expertise Theft combo deal of 3.1, and that alone has allowed me to post numbers that I haven't posted since I was under 1% of reaching my crit cap.

Because I was an idiot, I forgot to start my combat log before Razorscale, so we're a boss short of what we actually did. Big deal, I hate that fight. (Read: Add phases suck)

Before I post my new dps milestones, big props to Lexi/Harleen, who successfully made the transition from raid healer to full-time Death Knight Sherman Tank.

XT-002 Deconstructor - 6054
Kologarn - 6204
Auriaya - 5209

P.S. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. After the 3 Betrayers of Humanity and 4 Rune Edges that have been scooped up by hunters since Lich King, I finally got a measure of revenge. The second Giant's Bane dropped, and I was at the top of the skg list. And I took it. And it was delicious.

Long have hunters been hording melee weapons as stat sticks, so if you think that I can't have a gun because a hunter would benefit from it more, than I've got two words for you:

Edit: Youtube may be retarded.

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