Tuesday, June 16, 2009

DPS Tracks 2: Step Up

As I prepare for the new week, I glance over my playlist, and I think, "I need something fresh." A lot of this stuff I've been listening to for years, when I need to get psyched for something. Things have been rotated in, and some out, but I've never really listened to it at such a frequency before. It's only about 2 hours long, so raiding only 12 hours a week sort of puts a lifetime stamp on it.

I need to listen to more Pandora.

I keep hoping that things will get better in our raid group. We've been stalling lately, with all the personnel issues (I sound like a broken record). It just really irritates me that we're actually regressing, struggling on bosses like Auriaya when we were halfway through the keepers.

I think a new sword would chill me out... but I'm not holding my breath.

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