Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Calling It Early

Early Out

Sometimes, things happen during a raid that make the night unsalvagable. Permanent disconnects from tanks and healers can do the trick. But tonight we had to call it after XT because of a 30 minute phone call from our druid healer. And when we all left, he got back. >.<

So the log is small, and is full of Ignis wipes because someone couldn't pull their head out of their asses. But I don't know who.

I honestly don't know why I blog this crap. >.<

Ignis - 5094
XT-002 Deconstructor - 6629


  1. You blog about it because it relieves stress. :p Or I should hope it does.

    I liked that power metal song, but I know for certain I'd only be able to listen to a string of songs like that for several minutes before I'd need to take a break with a more mellow tune.

    Perhaps I should invest some time in making a raiding playlist... Though I fear if I had one I'd tune out the angry instructions from the raid leader and gm all too easily.

  2. After reviewing the parsing you posted I have to say that I'm impressed with my preformance.