Tuesday, June 30, 2009

DPS Tracks 3: The Way of the Fist

Took me a week to get over my depression. Just didn't feel like posting, really. There's a parse from Wednesday, and I figure I'll get around to dealing with it sooner or later. Some Death Knoob beat me on Hodir (same douche bag that took my Rune Edge), and everyone shit the bed about it.

So, being the vindictive student I am, I scrutinized the parse. Apparently, if you only break out one, maybe two flash freezes tops, you can squeeze out extra dps.

...by blowing your assignment.

He blew his assignment, and everyone sang his praises.

So yeah, gonna call him out on his lack of performance on other bosses, tonight. I don't give a damn who thinks I don't have the right.

That bitch is going down.

Edit: I used MusicJesus.com because all of the youtube videos, while uploaded by the license owners, had their embed functions turned off. This doesn't make MusicJesus a good choice. On the contrary, the embedded music vid is kinda retarded, because it starts when the page loads. I can only imagine how annoying that can be. I guess I'll reduce it to a link or find some stupid Bleach music video to post in it's stead.

Edit edit: I found a vid with some weird tearing at the edges of the screen. But it does it's job. After the advertisements, and the silly-ass auto-play, I've decided that I shouldn't use MusicJesus.com anymore. Ever.

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